Q1. Is Vedic Basket Ayurvedic Body Lotion Safe to Use on Diabetic Dry Skin?

Yes, Vedic Basket Ayurvedic Body Lotion follows the idea of using natural, toxic-free healthcare products. In addition, this skincare item reduces diabetic skin dryness because its composition is based on Ayurvedic manuscripts. 

Q 2. How often can Vedic Basket Ayurvedic Body Lotion apply?

For better results, use Vedic Basket Ayurvedic Body Lotion twice daily. 

Q3. How does the skin react to Vedic Basket Ayurvedic Body Lotion?

To help prevent blemishes, dryness, pimples, pigmentation, sunburn, marks, and other skin problems, it uses the strength of Ayurvedic herbs to nourish and moisturize the skin while also entering deeper layers of the skin. 

Q 4. Does Vedic Basket Ayurvedic Body Lotion remove skin tanning?

All the natural ingredients in Vedic Basket Ayurvedic Body Lotion help remove skin tan and other marks.

Q 5. After acceptance of cancellation/refund how long would it take to receive back my funds?

• Refunds for paid orders shall be credited to the original payment account within 15 days of cancellation acceptance. 

• In case of a COD order, refund shall be issued to the bank account shared with the customer support team by the customer within 4-7 working days of cancellation acceptance. 

• Yellow Coconut Organics will provide all the details with relevant screenshots along with the transaction id once the refund is initiated.


Q6. Does the policy cover opened/used products? 

• No, the policy does not cover products which have been opened/used. The policy only covers orders having leakage/broken or missing items.

Q7. How can I cancel my order in case I placed it by mistake? 

• For orders placed by mistake, you can always cancel those orders yourself on the checkout order confirmation page within the first few hours, also you can reach out to  customer care on +918448499674  or write to us on care@vedicbasket.co