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Vedic Basket Diabetic Socks For Men and Women | Diabetic & Arthritis Socks | Unisex, Free Size | Two Pair (Black, White)

Vedic Basket Diabetic Socks For Men and Women | Diabetic & Arthritis Socks | Unisex, Free Size | Two Pair (Black, White)

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Enhance the health and well-being of your feet with the luxurious and comfortable Vedic Basket Diabetic Socks For men and women. These socks are designed to improve blood circulation and are ideal for dry and cracked feet.

Get rid of your foot issues with diabetic-friendly socks. They're great for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, sensitive feet, circulatory issues, or feet that are too wide or narrow. Plus, they're perfect for everyone, no matter your age.


Increase Blood Circulation, Reduce Fatigue, Reduce Swelling

Skin Type

Diabetic Patient

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Specific Uses For Product

Use in reducing pressure points, Reduces Friction, Prevents Food Ulcer.

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What’s Included?

Qty: 2 x pairs of Diabetic Socks For men and women.

  • Key Features:

    • Unisex Socks (socks for women & socks for men).
    • Non - Elastic Comfort Top.
    • Completely Safe for toe and heel.
    • Helps to reduce unnecessary skin irritation.
    • 100% Cotton.
  • Product highlights:

    • Our diabetic socks are made with a smooth toe, so no bulky seams can irritate your skin or cause blisters.
    • Our diabetic socks are available in various neutral colours to suit any occasion.
    • Helps to improve the blood circulation.
    • Best compression socks for sensitive feet.

Why is it good for diabetes?

People with diabetes have sensitive feet because of neuropathy, making them more likely to have foot issues. These Diabetic foot care products like Vedic Basket diabetes socks are essential for foot health for people with diabetes. These diabetic pain relief socks are specially designed to meet the needs of diabetic people. They are thick and provide cushioning and protection to sensitive diabetic feet, acting as a protective barrier against irritation or injury.